Child Support

There are very few things as important as children. At the Law Firm of Jeffrey Hap, one of the most important issues that often arise with our clients concerns children. Child Support is often a major issue concerning children, because the amount that is paid, and which party pays it, depends on a number of factors. These factors include things like timesharing, income of the parents, overnights each parent has with the children, cost of health insurance and cost of child care. Sometimes, there is an issue concerning child support arrears as well.

Additionally, there is a statutory formula used in Florida that must be utilized to determine the amount of child support paid, based on the above factors. Determining the proper amount of child support is often complicated and should be done by an attorney very experienced in family law.

Attorney Jeffrey Hap will work with you to help determine the correct amount of child support which may be due and payable, to be sure your children’s needs are met and the parties comply with Florida law.

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